Monday, April 12, 2010

Race #1

Homage to Ice, Mansfield, Apr 11

So much singletrack. Rode where I wanted to (with Matt F) for the majority of the race but started hurting ~1:40 into it. After that he and the other other Andrew put about 1min into me every 10 for the rest of the race. Survival mode was a relative success though, with a net loss of only one more position and no catastrophic failure involving zero-velocity.

Bar-width (27"): too wide
Stem Length (65mm): just right
Hose-clamp mounted seat tube bottle cage: probably coming soon

8th overall I believe, 9 mins behind a certain top elite rider who may-or-may-not have been giving 100%. I will just assume that he was giving the same amount of effort that Mike G was last year when he put 10mins into me at the Icebreaker. As long as I haven't seen a decrease in fitness.......